VAAS-NCHU Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation

Schematic illustration for the mode of collaboration, the strategy of execution and the anticipated result of the overseas Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center (STIC) at Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS), Hanoi, Vietnam.


National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) has been playing a world-leading role in the research of tropical and subtropical agriculture for decades. NCHU has also been an important institution to enhance the governmental assistance for promoting the agricultural production for developing countries. NCHU has recently selected Southeastern Asian countries as the major partners for modern agricultural technology transfers. Through the mutual collaborations, Taiwan can help transfer modern agricultural technology to upgrade agricultural production of developing countries and also deployed international markets of our Agro-biotech business. The formal and current Presidents of VAAS have visited NCHU several times and signed a scientific collaboration agreement with NCHU in 2014. Based on the intimate relationship between NCHU and VAAS, in this project we selected VAAS at Hanoi, Vietnam, as our major partner for promoting the mutual cooperation in agricultural science and technology. In cope with the governmental New-South bound police, we intended to establish an overseas Agricultural Science and technology Innovation Center at VAAS, Hanoi to strengthen the collaboration between Taiwan and Vietnam. The Biotechnology Center of NCHU and the International Science and Technology Center of VAAS are the two contact windows for fascinating all collaborative affairs. In this special project, NCHU will mobilize the leading top scientist on different agri-biotech industries, including the modern plant protection bio-industries of agricultural biofertilizer, biopesticide, control of soil-borne diseases, production of pathogen-free seedlings and virus control; and modern food industries of food processing and functional foods. Through the operation of this overseas agricultural STIC at VAAS, the collaborative platforms of above items will be established via different VAAS-controlled research institutions and associated universities. The major mission of this center will focus on promoting personnel exchanges and training, collaborating to solve important problems of agriculture in Vietnam. Most importantly, through technology transfers and intellectual properties agreement with the STIC associated with VAAS and private sectors, modern agri-biotech industries will be introduced from Taiwan to upgrade the level of Vietnam agricultural production, and at the same time the payment of IP loyalty and the establishment of overseas markets will benefit Taiwan. We believe that this NCHU-VAAS overseas STIC will not only help transform Vietnam agri-biotech industries, but also provide a good model for other Southeastern and South Asian counties for the export of Taiwan Agri-biotech technology and the deployment our international markets.

Description of PI and Co-PIs of the Project

Professor Shyi-Dong Yeh:Chair Professor of Plant Pathology and Director of the NCHU-UCD PFBC; three times recipient of Outstanding Research Award from the NSC, National Scientific Award from MOE, Fellow of the American Phytopathology Society (elected in 2008) and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (elected in 2008). He was responsible for a five-year project for Frontier Science Research from NSC (1998-2003) and a four-year Research Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of University from NSC (2004-2008). Prof. Yeh also served as the coordinator of the field of Plant Protection in the NSC, and co-chairman for the National Agricultural Biotechnology Program, responsible for plant biotechnology (2005-2008). He also served the Director of Agricultural and Marine Biotechnology Resources Center sponsored by MOE (2006-2009). The Executive Yuan Award for Technology Contribution (2016). The Ministry of Education for 19th National Professorships (2016). His excellence in academic achievements and administrative capabilities for scientific project management make him highly qualified to coordinate this project.

Professor Jenn-Wen Huang:Distinguished professor of Plant Pathology, currently Vice President of NCHU. Honors and awards for Dr. Huang includes- Top10 Agricultural Experts in Taiwan (2003), Technology Transfer Awards from NSC (2004, 2006), Outstanding Academic Awards from Chinese Sustainable Agriculture Association (2009) and from Agricultural Science Foundation, Taiwan (2009). Research Interests: Management of crop diseases by Plant extracts and organic soil amendment, ecology and taxonomy of Fusarium spp., and diagnosis of vegetable and fruit crop diseases. In the past year, he helped the I-RiCE project in International Agriculture and Technology Transfer and established intimidate collaboration with Plant Protection Research Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently Vice President of NCHU has authority to mobilize and integrate all available resources for carrying out the set goals of International Agriculture and Technology Transfer.

Professor Fuh-Jyh Jan:Professor of Plant Pathology, Currently Director of Biotechnology Center, NCHU, Won the National Science Council Research Award (2001), 9th National innovation Award, 2012 (Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry). Award from Director of Information and Technology Education Division, Ministry of Education, Execute Yuan (2013), The 38th National Top Ten Outstanding Agricultural Specialist (2014) and so on. The main research areas of Prof. Jan are focusing on the diagnosis of plant virus disease, virus identification and disease control; diagnosis and identification of phytoplasma; Development and application of novel nucleotide serological detection approaches for important plant viruses; anti-virus transgenic crops development and application; Mechanism and application of disease resistance; plant and plant virus interaction. Currently serves as Director of the Biotechnology Center, responsible for administrative coordination and implementation of the project.

Professor Sheng-Yang Wang:Distinguished Professor in the Department of Forestry. During the past decade, Dr. Wang has received a number of important scientific awards, including the Dr. Ta-You Wu Memorial Award established by National Scientific Council, the Academician Shang-Fa Yang Academy Award for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2012, and the Development Program of Industrialization for Agricultural Biotechnology (DPIAB) Award for Outstanding Industry-University Collaboration Projects in 2013. The research interests of Dr. Wang are: (1) Development of new methodologies in both isolation and structural elucidation of natural products; (2) Phytomedicine investment in indigenous plants of Taiwan; and (3) Functional genomic studies of woody plants. Dr. Wang will coordinate studies in this project to help identify health promoting secondary metabolites found in A. salmonea. Currently Vice Dean of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

Professor Miin-Huey Lee:Professor and chair of Plant Pathology Department. Her research area is focusing on the interaction of fungal pathogen and plant, mainly on fungal pathogenicity and fruit-pathogen interaction. She received two times of Research Award from NSC, Taiwan and William J. Moller Graduate Student Research Award from UC Davis, USA. She also served as the grant reviewing committee of the field of Plant Protection, and Soil and Environmental Protection in the MOST. She has been collaborating with many different laboratories from various Institutes and Universities, such as Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in NTU, Institute of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Research in NHRI, Agriculture and Biotechnology Research Center in Academia Sinica, Plant Pathology Department in UC Davis and in University of Florida, and Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology in Spain.

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